Fan Arts

These free parody paper toys are just a few pages. 

EMMI - Green

PDF in Ko-Fi shop!

Micro Puma King 10y Anniversary 

Samus Fan Art

Get the PDF here!

Alternate Suits available as premium PDFs.

Freddy Bear Fan Art

Moveable limbs and mouth! No Glue!

Includes microphone and alternate face!

Free paper toy PDF

Blank customizable PDF

Atredies Ornithopter

VIRTUALB1Y Companion Droid

Get PDF 

Vin (ᗰistborn)  Moppet

BD1 Companion Droid

Get PDF 


Build this new Netroid Tuff Guy!
Free PDF


Includes, cape, fused mushroom shield and fused eye-ball bow & arrow

Free PDF

MAR1O Moppet

Print and build your own super plumber action figure!

Free PDF


M Bros Plumber TRUX

Print and build your own plumber van TRUX from the upcoming movie!

Free Fan Art PDF

Megam4n Quick Boomerang

Download one for your valentines sweetheart!

or a blueberry one if you want something more plain.

L1NK (to the past) Moppet 

Print and build your own elfin hero action figure!

Free Fan Art PDF

Shovel Knight Moppet

Download, print and build your own knight of Shovelry!

Kaladin vs Szeth Moppets

Download and print two main characters from the Stormlight Archive book series! Kaladin Stormblessed and Szeth the Assassin!

Free Fan Art PDF!

Wanna design your own?... get the blank Moppet template!

FЯΣMΣN Ornithopter

Free Ornithopter PDF

ΛƬЯΣIDΣƧ Ornithopter

Beck - TᖇOᑎ Upr.

Version 2 Deco of our Beck Tron Fan Art.  Yes, the helmet is included!

Free Beck PDF 

ETEᖇ - G. Impact

First Fan Art redeco of the CRITTER Template.

Free Aether PDF

SᗩᗰᑌS - M. Dread

Fan Art deco and engineering for this heroine in her new Dread suit.

Free PDF

A𐒄ΘƝƓ ꓴS Fan Art

Obert Skye's Clark the Raven

Free Fan Art PDF of the snarky bird from "Wizard for Hire"

Free PDF

P.A.S.K. Mask  Vehicles and Pilots

Rogue Knight

Print and build this mysterious character from Brandon Mull's Five Kingdoms books series!

Rogue Knight Fan Art PDF

Raxtus  - Spectrum Dragon

Eponie - Adventurer Horse!

Vermilion Huntress! (SᗩᗰᑌS Fan Art)

Darkgum the Dragon

Combiner Phase Bots

Phase Bots can be found on tumblr!