Neroids Miner Poseable Papertoys Fan Art

For best results print on light card stock (65-70#) and use a 5/8" (16mm) hole punch tool to cut the sockets.

Custom Skin

Follow the instructions at this link to download and print Miner papertoy with your own custom MC skin automatically added!!!

Download SVG Files

Default Skin

Download and print the default Netroids Fan Dude skin!

Completely Blank

For utilmate customization download and print a completely blank miner papertoy!

Building Steps

1. Print on light card stock. (skip the thin or classic arm pages if you don't need them)

2. Cut out parts from all four/five pages.

3. Punch out sockets using 5/8" (16mm) hole punch.  (For neck and arm sockets fold under white tab before punching the hole.)

4. Crease all dotted lines (mountain fold). Do not connect tabs yet. Firmly fold front neck crease on body.

5. Prepare all PopLocks by creasing on dotted line. Save the decorated ones for the hips.

6. Connect arm parts to body sockets with PopLocks.

7. Form arm blocks by connecting tabs. Tuck in ends.

8. Form head into a square aligning both neck sockets at the bottom. Don't tuck in sides yet.

9. Connect head to neck using PopLock on interior.

10. Tuck in sides of head; use tabs to secure.

11. Connect body using tabs in back.

12. Form leg blocks and connect legs to each other using a PopLock on the interior.

13. Connect legs component at hip sockets with decorated PopLocks. Tuck in ends.